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Default Deadlifts for weightlifting

Following on the recent dueling articles in PM and the CFJ on high bar vs low bar squats, I'd like to pose a question I've wondered about.

Rip and others argue for using max effort deadlifts to build a strength base which can be applied to speed-strength in the olympic lifts.

The weightlifting routines I've seen and been coached on prescribe clean and snatch deadlifts that

a) are only slightly in excess of the lifter's best clean/snatch
b) have movement patterns in line with the clean and snatch movements

I've got two basic questions:

1) What's the point of doing a clean deadlift at 105% of your clean vs. just doing clean pulls, which better mimic the movement patterns of the first and second pull, work directly on speed-strength, and have the same overload characteristics
2) What's so wrong with doing max effort, anything goes deadlifts to build basic strength?
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