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Well, I'd say if it's 105%, pull it.
If you can pull it with form that mimics your clean well, then I'd say pull it.

If you can't, then make it a deadlift, because you don't want to slow down your cleaning. This aversion to slow "clean pulls" is I think what drives people to avoid pulling weights a lot more than they can clean, with good reason.

Honestly, I have used very little deadlifts in my oly focused training over the last couple years. Mostly because my pulling has been relatively stronger than my pressing or squatting.
When it comes to pull phase work, I like the RDL a lot, along with surgs. Maybe I'm not the best guy to answer since I actually don't like most pulls much at all. It usually feels wrong to pull hard and not clean/snatch it.

I can't say that too much is wrong with big ass DL work. It will get you strong for sure. From my limited experience in training, and low use of the DL, I'd keep them to low volume, making sure my cleans are still snappy and in proper form.
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