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Great responses.

Arden -- Since you are scary strong, I'd figure your goal is to keep your strength base and grow speed-strength and the neurological pathways to allow your weightlifting to catch up to your base strength. I'm in a different boat: I'm well below my basic strength potential, and deads are a great way of building basic strength.

John -- I'm similar to you in being stronger in the pull than in the squat (I'm an intermediate in rip's strength chart for the dead, but only a novice in the back squat and press), but not particularly strong in any.

So maybe I want to separate the question:

For someone who is lacking a strength base, is there anything wrong with adding max effort deads (doubles, triples, single sets of 5) as part of an overall weightlifting program?

I'm liking the answer "go for it" :-)
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