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Originally Posted by John Alston View Post
Arden, I like your ideas. Since my planned training is/will be 2 days oly, one "other" I might do something like that, some low volume DL.
But I just love to squat.

I hear you on the squats. I'm growing very fond of them myself. Moreso than in the past.

My current program has me day 1 - block snatches, ohs, snatch pulls, kettle bell presses; day 2 - event training day; 3 - squat cleans, push presses, front squats, and clean pulls; day 4 - event training day; 5 - snatches, clean and jerks, back squats, then my deadlifts; day 6 -event training. Day 7 - off or light event training.

I had to back off in recent weeks because my event training sessions were taking a lot out of me. But I've grown to love doing three different squat workouts during a week long microcyle. In the past, I'd squat once a week; and dead once a week. Since I started doing it three times a week (granted it's all metered and waved), my knees, hips, etc. feel much better and I feel fresher going into each session. I think it also helps that I keep all my reps under 5. I no longer care about hypertrophy, but if there is some I really don't mind. At this stage, I'm happy to say there is no longer any semblance of cellulite anywhere below my glorious love handles. Middle age has not been kind to me.

Related to this thread, in times past I would not recommend pulling more than once a week; but, in reality, the programs I've followed the past eight months, I've been pulling 3 times a week also. Just differently and metered or waved. I wish I would have learned about training like this a long time ago. It's way more athletic and less mirror-letic. That's a good thing in my book.

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