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Saturday May 10

BJJ Fundamentals

I took my daughter to class with me today. It is so good to be back in the gym. Our academy is two levels, I throw on my gi pants and rashguard and we go upstairs cause I hear a bunch of the guys I know. I walk in they are training no gi, and everybody says hello to my daughter and then the first guy I shake hands with pulls me down and tries to put me into his guard. I love that kind of camraderie. Rafae tells me how much he has missed training with me and we roll for a couple of minutes.

I head back downstairs for the class get my daughter situated and start class. We worked a takedown from a failed uchi mata (sp) where you straighten your hook leg, drive into them with your chest and grab their opposite leg and take em down.

We worked two guard passes from the open guard and one where you grab both knees do the traditional move and when they try to shrimp away you spin over the top of them into an almost mount. The other one was with the knee up and you reach under your knee and grab their belt, stand up and spin over top of them taking their back.

Both are very dynamic and loads of fun.

After class was over Laney and I grappled. She tapped me out twice with a RNC to cheers from everyone there.

The kids are off to the grandparents and wifey and I are meeting friends for a JSL scavenger hunt. I doubt that we will have too much adult bevarages today.

Think fast thoughts for my sister she is racing the womens only triathlon at Disney tomorrow morning and she has a real shot at winning her age group!
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