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Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
John -- I'm similar to you in being stronger in the pull than in the squat (I'm an intermediate in rip's strength chart for the dead, but only a novice in the back squat and press), but not particularly strong in any.

So maybe I want to separate the question:

For someone who is lacking a strength base, is there anything wrong with adding max effort deads (doubles, triples, single sets of 5) as part of an overall weightlifting program?

I'm liking the answer "go for it" :-)
I've had good experience incorporating clean/snatch deadlifts, but I've only ever gone up to ~110% of max clean/snatch. Great confidence builder if the 1st pulls tend to feel heavy.

You may have seen this video of Kendrick Farris snatch deadlifting 230kg for 5 which I think is about 150% of his best snatch. So I'd say there's definitely merit in going heavy, depending on the individual of course.

On the subject of relative numbers, you will all laugh at me, but the most I've ever pulled from the floor (about 2 years into strength/Oly training) is 120kg. My max clean is 110, clean and jerk is 108, front squat is 117.5. I haven't maxed out the back squat recently, but that has always been pretty close to my front squat. Could I benefit from a better strength base? Most definitely. I've spent a bit too much time thinking about technique/efficiency and not nearly enough on the strength component!

btw, here's another pretty extensive discussion of deadlifting as it applies to Olympic lifting:
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