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Originally Posted by Yoon Sohn View Post
btw, here's another pretty extensive discussion of deadlifting as it applies to Olympic lifting:
Interesting discussion -- seems like the gathering there go somewhere between fearing deads (trains slow) and using light deads (up to 120% of clean), but no consensus for heavy deads. I'm not sure I understand -- if you are going to do assistance training for strength, why not use the exercise that builds the most strength?

OTOH, I'm thinking Gant's ultimately right -- perhaps this is about doing what I'm good at rather than what is best for me.

Given that my back squat is about 70% of deadlift, that's the strength area I should be working on, and that's ultimately behind jerk technique, snatch technique, clean technique, and upper body strength (when I max on OHS, it's the shoulders and traps that limit me), in that order, as overall limits to my core lifts.

I had my gratifying max effort deadlift day today (PR by 15#s) so back to the much more frustrating grind of working the items above
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