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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
This isn't meant as being a dick or anything.

Get stronger.

I actually have been in the position of being the less technical but stronger person in wrestling and I used to be able to dominate the other guys that were faster, more knowledgable and more experienced simply because I was much much stronger and bigger than most of the other guys in the wrestling club. Only when I was pitted against people that were about my strength did their skills shine through and I'd be wrapped up in a pretzel very quickly. It wasn't even just a weight thing because there were 2 guys that were my weight but bodyfat wise at least 10% more, so pound for pound I was stronger.

I did a sidebar article in the CFJ several months ago about this ("Strength on the Mat," I believe). If you're a BJJ blue belt, your technique is pretty squared away. Yes, your technique can improve, but it will take a longer time to make smaller improvements at this stage. On the other hand, it sounds like there are some things you can do about your strength in short order.

As far as ego, look at it this way: this guy has shown you a way that you can be defeated. Now you are able to shore up this weakness so that it may not be exploited again. By beating you, he shared important knowledge with you.
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