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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post

I did a sidebar article in the CFJ several months ago about this ("Strength on the Mat," I believe). If you're a BJJ blue belt, your technique is pretty squared away. Yes, your technique can improve, but it will take a longer time to make smaller improvements at this stage. On the other hand, it sounds like there are some things you can do about your strength in short order.

As far as ego, look at it this way: this guy has shown you a way that you can be defeated. Now you are able to shore up this weakness so that it may not be exploited again. By beating you, he shared important knowledge with you.

Yea, i read your article not to long ago for the first time. That and Mark Rippetoe's main article Strong Enough were good stuff. It gave me alot to think about.

So i guess i need to figure out where to improve my strength. I can deadlift double bodyweight, do a muscle up, i think standing overhead press 135lbs or so. Havn't done much squatting lately so i am not sure what my max is on that. I train at CF Portland, so my workouts are whatever is planned for that class. I know those lifts are not overly big but i think they represent a decent baseline of strength. Perhaps i need to do more odd object or strongman style training so it transfers more easily to grappling. Its not all the time i get straight up overpowered, but when it does its frustarating.

thanks for the replies and advice everyone. I am going to try hard to have a better attitude about it.

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