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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Arien -
Additionally, the more advanced a weightlifter, the greater % of strength he or she will be able to apply to the lifts; that is, the gap between deadlift and clean/snatch will diminish. This is not an issue of less strength, but of better application. When technique is the limiting factor, the numbers can seem far off for strength work.
This soooooo sounds like me, but in the reverse. Can pull lots, but clean/snatch are way behind. Technique is completely the limiting factor. It's for that reason, I've dedicated to learning the movements from the top down and never going anywhere near my max until I'm more confident with the full movements.

As always, Greg's insite is unreal. I would so love to go to one of his seminars or getting a training session under his watchful eyes.

All the best,
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