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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Arien -

I've only skimmed this thread, so forgive me if I'm completely off target. What I would add is simply that there is a big difference between a max effort deadlift and a max effort clean deadlift (not to mention snatch DL). With the former, anything goes - leading with the hips, rounded back, whatever - essentially all that matters is getting the bar up. With a deadlift used specifically for weightlifting, positioning is critical, and loads that exceed your ability to maintain correct pulling posture (as defined for the clean and snatch, not DL) are defeating the purpose. It's surprisingly common to find people with 400+ lb deadlifts who can even clean 200 lbs, and often who can't even maintain back extension during the pull.
What does "who can't maintain back extension during the pull." I'm not quite grasping that concept. Do you mean that a 400+ dler can clean 200 while using the "things" (leading with the hips, rounded back) you mention above? When I think of "maintain back extension", I think of shoulders forward, back arched, lats tight, triceps tight (crushing the chip between arms and lats), hips and shoulders rising at the same time with shoulders in front of the bar, and pulling from the heels until in the scoop position. Am I close?

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