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Anton Emery
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I look at rolling kind of three ways. If its someone less experienced i can work on stuff and put myself in the same position repeatedly because its easier to control the direction of the roll. It does me and the other person not much good if i just crush them the whole time, better to open up my game and experiment and give them the chance to escape and work on different parts of their game.

If its someone of my own level or close they are probably going to bring their A game, so in that case we are both rolling to win. I am going to work towards my strongest positions and submissions.

If its someone more advanced i am in survival mode. I'll be happy if i can get on top or go on the offensive, but mostly i am just trying to survive.

The thing i guess i have most trouble dealing with mentally is that guys with less experience than me seem to be picking up the game faster. I've had my blue belt about a year, and there are guys who got theirs a few months ago who now dominate me in rolls. I can catch them in subs some, but i am usually always fighting from bottom or escaping. I think the top game is something that is going to take a while for me, i don't have an easy time "getting heavy". I guess everyone advances at a different rate, and that time in the sport is not the only factor. If so those that have been doing BJJ longer would always win.

Nothing else to do but keep working on it.

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