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Michael Miller
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Mike, I have heard alot about that sounds really good, i may have to check it out!

I'm with you as far as not wanting to fight on the ground! Take any good BJJ man, put him on the ground in a street fight, add some broken glass, maybe a suringe or two lying around, body fluids, whatever...on top of that throw in more than one person, some weapons etc and all of a sudden pulling guard just isn't as fun.

I don't even know if i would punch with a closed hand, or grapple like i used to...i want to end things quick, not box, or roll around looking for a submission. It would be all about headbutts, knees, elbows, biting and eye gouges in addition to pepper spray, and some last resort blade work. I have used the hockey shirt over the head thing a time or two i must say lol

Your right though, the best thing you could possibly do would be not to get caught in a bad situation in the first place...walking away, or atleast around, is better than any punch, kick, submission, or weapon that you could ever use!
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