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Your definitely right about certain drills, i was speaking more of distilled technique, sort of like what Burt Richardson teaches. You know, taking what is useful and discarding the rest. Look how his stick and blade work evolved compared to the type of thing your talking about, its totally different now than when he did hubud drills, or really any of the original Inosanto blend...shoot, its more different than it was even 2 years ago! Thats not to say he threw it all out, he kept some from Dan, he kept some from Eric knaus of the Dog Brothers, he kept some from Illustrisimo, and Sulite, on top of what he had tested under real resistance against skilled opponents. I don't think that you could argue that Burton doesn't train with alot of the top MMA guys, as well as test everything he preaches.

Yes, i always try and test things in real time, against resisting opponents, some of it worked, some of it didnt, i kept what worked, discarded what didnt...i been doing that for years. MMA guys have no clue how to deal with alot of things, especially concerning evironmental awareness, a blade, a firearm, how to deal with multiple opponents, how to fight from close quarters, or under different distress...i have tested alot of things like thiis, and seen it first hand. Thats why i think Burt had a great idea when he took MMA training methods and applied them to street encounters!

I grew up in a HORRIBLE neighborhood, so i have somewhat of a clue to what your alluding...again, take what would be useful to you, and discard the rest. IMO, in my experience, from where i grew up, and what fights i have seen, or been involved with growing up, as well as being a bouncer for several years...i would definitely use a pen, or any other thing i could grab if it helped me to survive. Shoot, i saw a kid get beat with a trapper keeper in gym class one year so im not above grabbing anything i can get my hands on lol
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