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Default $50 at Sports Authority... WWGED?

Okay, I managed to score a $50 gift card to Sports Authority. Drove down, asked them if they had abmats, no go. Asked them if they had rings, no go. Asked them if they had bands for pullup assistance, nada. Looked for Nike Frees, nope. So all they had that I was mildly interested in was a pullup bar (but I think I'd rather save up for rings since I can't even do a pullup yet), some special pullup handle thingies (not sure how necessary this is) and some watches. Then I started looking at Timex but of course they were expensive.

I do grappling and sometimes Muay Thai at this great MMA gym I go to, and they have all the equipment I need for my regular weight training too (which is from the New Rules of Lifting For Women), and I already have a med ball etc. so can't think of anything I really need/want other than the things they don't have. (They do have hex dumbbells and kettlebells, but I'd rather wait and get more and better elsewhere.)

Any suggestions? Anyone familiar with their wares?

Let me know if you have ideas before I spend all my money on pink Under Armour shirts.
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