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Default Thanks for the input

Getting full hip extension is something I am working on. Hips tends to stay a little closed, especially when weight is heavy (near my max).

I am in my last week on the mass gain program and it's been horribly boooooring coming from the CrossFit/WOD world, but now I start to reap the benfits! Second strength week is done and I managed to get that 55kg Snatch this week, as well as 82,5kg Jerk! Really happy with this, and some of it can probably be credited to your comments. The Jerk part och the C&J is still not good at all, but I am feeling more comfident with the movement so it will hopefully get better as well. Just keep on working, right?

Some more footage if you want to add something:

Getting close to fullfill my OL goals for the year (80kg C+J/60kg S) with the C&J already bagged and the snatch improving.

Thank you for your help!
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