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Monday May 12

BJJ Fundamentals and Advanced 2:30 hours

Worked a lot of different positions, since I didn't write this right away I have forgotten a lot of the details. The highlight for me was trapping an arm in side control and spinning around into an armbar. I use side control extensively in my game and I find myself in this position a ton. It happens mainly when the bottom person does a kind of bear hug with one arm under and one arm over. The best part was I was training with another blue and we were drilling the move and when we started grappling we were about halfway through and he sticks his arm through and realizes when I lock it up that this was the move we were just practicing. We both got a chuckle out of it.

I also grappled with a dude that was out of control. He was smaller than me but strong as an ox and crazy. I ended up with a bruised nose, a huge cut / rub burn in my eyebrow and a big scratch under my eye. it was interesting because he moved so fast and so crazy you just neverr knew where he was going to be.
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