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Originally Posted by Michael Drew View Post
Total newb question. My wife said she wants to join a school. So I am trying to research different styles in our area. One right down the street from us offers aikido, jujutsu, boxing, bjj, capoeira, kali/silat, karate, kickboxing, kung fu, judo, mma, muay thai. Basically our goals will be self dicipline, a good workout and being able to efficiently defend ourselves.
If I had to pick from the styles on offer I'd go for muay thai but if I were looking for a style for real world self defense I'd combine the philosophy of Jeet Kun Do with Krav Maga. If you're serious about self defense though it's worth reading some of the classic works on the subject such as Kill Or Get Killed by Rex Applegate and Get Tough by W.E. Fairbairn
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