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Im about to make another go at SS one final time to see if I can milk anymore gains from the program. Im also gonna throw in ring strength training with 2 or 3 exercises after each SS session. My goals are to gain the last 10 pounds and hit 150. Im standing at 139 rights now from doing CF and ME the past few weeks but im getting bored of CF and just want to focus on strength, rings, and getting better at the Oly lifts. I have a long list of goals written down which pretty much mimic what I have on my blog. Anyways, im starting on Friday to keep up with a M,W,F approach. I'll keep this thread updated along with my blog. w/f/s

MY biggest problem when it comes to training is sticking with a program that works and normally I may get bored in 3 or 4 weeks when nothing works. But at least with SS I see gains.
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