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Originally Posted by Eva Claire Synkowski View Post
do it.
LOL! Well, I found purple ones on sale for $12. So I bought the last two they had in small. I also tried on the long-sleeve ones but they don't work. I try to get them in the smallest size possible so they'll stay super snug and then just throw a t-shirt on over them, but when you start doing longsleeves they restrict range of motion.

Anyway, so I got the two purple Under Armour heat protection shirts, the pullup bar (unpadded for $15), and a stopwatch. I went to the store on Oracle so no chalk, unfortunately. Anyway, I spent about $6 over, which is okay with me. Good times!! I was looking at the mats too but I think I can do better than $25.

Then I went to the bookstore next door and found the Gleason's Gym Total Boxing Workout for Women on sale for six bucks! With a foreword by Hilary Swank. Good times.
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