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Kelly Frankson
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I've just been focussing on O-lifts since December, each week my training will typically look something like this:

Session 1:
Rack Jerks
Back Squats
Snatch pulls

Session 2:
Power Snatches
Power Cleans
Back Squats
Snatch pulls

Session 3:
Clean and jerks
Power Snatches from blocks
Front Squats
Clean pulls

Session 4:
Clean and Jerks
Back Squats
Snatch pulls

And then I'll also do Back extensions, GHSP, Weighted overhead abmat situps, rolling medball situps, planks and other core type stuff atleast 3 times a week and then plyometric stuff twice a week.

I haven't touched deadlifts since November and just re did my max today for fun and got 270kg (a new pb by 10lbs)-to give you an idea of where its at in relation to my clean and snatch pulls, typically the clean pulls are done at 85kg and snatch pulls at 65kgs.

So laying off deadlifts didnt hurt mine at all, but I think that has more to do with the strength my core has gained than anything else.

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