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Here's my experiences with IF so far:

About 3 months ago I started implementing a 2 day-a-week fast protocol. Typically on sunday (good day to do nothing...that includes eating!) and one day during the week. Must admit at first it was extremely difficult to ignore the afternoon hunger pains. I stayed with it, and eventually my appetite subdued towards the end of the fast. Fast started around 9pm at night and lasted until 5pm the following day (20 hrs). Like others, in time I noticied increased energy levels, alertness, appetite control, and less water retention (love handles became less noticible). On top of the body comp improvements, the biggest benefit of fasting on those two days was not having to worry or think about food. It was a nice relief freeing my mind for a day not thinking about my next meal.

I liked the 2 day a wk fast so much, I then decided to up the ante and fast every other day (Art D style!). Been doing this for about a month now and the results have have been nothing less than stellar.

Besides the huge added convenience of not having to pack food for the day, I'm sleeping better than before ever before, better vascularity, increased energy (wife likes that one!), and just a better overall sense of well-being. Started off around 195lbs@8% bf. I'm now down to around 188lbs@around 6-7% bodyfat. Strength levels are on a slow incline and performance on WOD's have improved as well.

Can't say enough about IF. Life's much better now.

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