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Default Highland Games and other Heavy Lifting Events

Aside from my main goal of preparing for a sheriff academy Ill be going to relatively soon, I have a secondary goal, finding a new sport. Since Im no longer in school, my choices are limited, but I have begun researching heavy lifting events, Scottish highland games to be exact, and want to shoot for that. Plan/hope to compete in my first competition by this time next year. Wondering what kind of strength training people do?

I found an old MILO article from 1994 (volume 2 - number 3 for those who want to see it) written by Steve Moran. Here he goes through each event and assigns points to various exercices than has one compiled list with all the exercises in order from most points to least (back squats on top all the way to 'rotate at waist with plate in hand' at the end).

Based on this list I wanted to put together a strength program (I mention it in my post about losing deadlift strength in 'Exercises') using back squats, front squats, 'power pulls' (power cleans, power snatches, etc), push press, 'back' (pullups, chinups, etc). Since Im a little vain to, wanted to throw in some bench pressing. This doesnt include the abdominal and grip work, which I will do seperatly. I thought of altering the template from Starting Strength, but Idk, just wasnt feeling it.

So, again, just wondering what kind of training others here that do heavy-event competitions do as far as barbell training, not so much your event specific training.
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