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I looked at Dan John but didnt see anything, maybe I just missed something, Ill double check it. And Ill take a look at power and bulk, didnt even think of that.

As far as the questions:

1.) My goals are mainly to have fun, but also not come in last. Like I said, Im just looking for a new sport, and in my oppinion, sports should be fun, even if you dont win. I just also dont want to look like an idiot out there.

2.) As far as barbells, by the basic strength standards from Rippetoe, Im novice for my weight in my Press (130), Bench (200), Squat (260), and a few pounds shy of novice in my power clean (160) and deadlift (275) which makes sense because I never really did either of those very much until recently.

3.) Not much throwing expierence. Threw the shot put in middle school, but wasnt able to do field in high school since it conflicted with swimming. Other than that, nothing other than maybe throwing stuff at my brother and throwing the water polo ball in the pool in high school.

4.) While games are held throughout the year near here, a group in San Francisco puts on a competition every year on the last weekend of May, so Im shooting for the 2009 competition of that. Id try for something a little sooner except since I have to divide my goal with preparing myself for the academy, I decided not to rush things and a year should be more than enough.
As a note to this, I wasnt planning on using this program all the way until the games, just for a few months to help increase my strength levels and give me ideas on how to design my next program, and the next one, etc.
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