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Steve Shafley
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It's actually feeling quite good tonight, but was stiff this morning (third day of injury).

My regimen, every few hours was:

McKenzie spinal extensions (with towel under left hip)
-McK is from NZ, not Scotland, though, Herr Wolff.

Light JumpStretch band back traction was used:

(loop band around one knee, behind back, then around other knee while sitting down. Lay back and you can feel the band pulling your pelvis down. Push against your thighs with your hands to increase the traction even more)

The sequence:

-press ups
-knees to chest (with band still on)
-knees to left side (band on)
-knees to right side (band on)
-glute bridges (band on)
-press ups

This sequence loosened up the back nicely, and felt like it helped unload the area.

Then I'd take a tennis ball and massage the area while leaning against the wall. Very painful contact, so I'd start light and go deeper and harder as the discomfort eased.

Pretty sure this is a muscle pull, not a disk event.
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