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Thanks for the input guys. Dan: you asked, "why change?" Well, for one thing I'm 45 years old now and I don't think its a good idea anymore to being pounding down high carb foods all the time. Also, although I make time for a meaningful workout every day, I do have a desk job now. I'm not on my feet working hard all day doing manual labor, and then working out in addition to that. Also, my old diets were not without their side effects: Mostly anger and downright anti-social behavior at times. I did notice when I had tried low-carb/paleo in the past, I felt like a better person, even if I didn't have the body I wanted.

Anyway, I thought all of you here saw Paleo and IF as a commitment to a lifestyle, something you truly believe in, not just some dietary means to an end. When I hear things like "Why change?", it makes me think you would throw it all away if you found out you could get away with eating Big Macs and Krispy Kreme donuts with no ill effects.
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