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Default Morning, pre-workout nutrition

Okay, with school out Im changing my work schedule. I asked for Mon-Thurs, with either 10-8 or 12-10 (companies descretion). So Ill either get one of those or the 8-6. Since I asked for the first 2, Ill cover that scenario. This will give me time to do my workouts in the morning, which is what I wanted, but I wonder about nutrition now. Should I just get up, take my morning supplements, and go. Make a protrein drink (been using BioTests Low Carb Grow for post workout for the last few motnhs, probably use that). Or try to get around to making breakfast the night before and eat on the way there?

Also, will this change based on the type of workout? For example, one scenario for weightlifting (mainly oly style with a little bit of power work thrown in too) which will be Tue, Thur, Sat and 'cardio' on Mon, Wed, Fri. Also, does type of cardio matter. For my goals I have cardio on an A and B alternating schedule with more endurance based work done on A and more anearobic (sp?) work on B.

My goals:
- lose body fat (down from ~30% in the begining of the year to ~22-23% and want to get down to ~8-10%)
- maintain current lean body mass (~195 pounds) or maybe gain a tiny amount, but mass gain is not my current priority
- succeed in sheriffs academy which if all goes well will be in Jan (hence the endurance based work, need to get used to large amounts of running, which I have been working on, slowly but surely, for about 2 months)
- sometime mid next year, compete in some highland games, purely for fun, as long as I dont break a bone or throw a weight into the crowd, dont care how I do

- clean, tried IF about a year and a half ago, lost some weight, but found it hard to stick to (used Fast-5 approach). Decided to just work on eating clean/healthy since when I fell off the IF wagon, I also started eating like crap in general for a few months.
- this brings up another question though, kinda interested in trying IF again, and now that Im more used to a clean diet, not so worried about what will happen if it doesnt work out. Looking at the 15 hour plan (stop eating at 5pm and start again at ~8-10AM), and coming off it every other weekend (Fri-Sun) when I go down to visit my girlfriend. Think this would work with my goals?

I know this is really long, and I doubt any one could person could provide an answer for all the questions (but wouldnt be surprised, good minds here), but even some general ideas would be good since Im really lost right now.
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