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Actually, no, calories were not the problem when I was eating Paleo/low-carb. In fact, I took in at least 1000 more everyday than I did when I was eating low fat. I know that for a fact, especially with the large amounts of nuts and seeds I ate each day along with all the protein. Did I allow time to become "adapted"? Indeed I did, going 5 or 6 months each time before giving up on it. All I got from it was decreased performance (strength and endurance), less muscle, and more body fat. Maybe 20 years of fat free, high carb eating perverted my system to the point where no other fuel will work...that's a joke, but it sure seems that way.

Seriously though, I would like to find a better way, preferably a new approach to maybe red meat as you suggest. Like I said, I am eating high carb right now, but at least its all non-processed. The only problem is, I'm getting way too skinny and I'm losing muscle, no matter how much of that shit I shovel in.
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