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I am getting curious as this is a bit of a unique case. From what's been said so far, you did very well with a large amount of breads and other refined carbs.... not so well going more low carb Paleo. Your strength/muscle retention is shot without carbs, but you're still going high(er) carb now? How many nuts and seeds were you eating before? If you were eating enough to keep your calories high, then you certainly weren't going low fat, high carb.

It's late, I don't feel well and can't sleep so I may have misread something. Either way, I just want to get all the facts straight so the board can help pitch in on a solution.

What's your programming like? Height, weight (then and now)... you're 45 years old now right?

My guess is that it's more in recovery than anything. Do you sleep 8+ hours? How bout any LSD work (a likely culprit for many who are feel they're lacking in their physiques)? Do you take fish oil at all? In the meantime, do what Mike said... more red meat, more eggs, enough fruit, yams, sweet potatoes and other Paleo tubers to keep the fire burning.
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