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Brandon Enos
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Its going to have to be about 6:30, maybe even 6. Sounds like a lot of time, but not really. I guess it is on 12 start days, but on 10, not really. About 1.5 hours of that (depending on traffic) will be just getting to work. Then about another 1/2 - 3/4 hour for putting my gym cloothes on, getting to gym, taking a shower, and putting work clothes on. So right there, even if wake up at 6, that still only leaves me 2 hours to eat and workout.

And as far as the weight workouts, Im going to do the programs in Jim Schmitz's Olympic-style weightlifting for Beginners to Intermediates. They look like theyll take about an hour to complete. My only problem with them is they seem to be more geared towards those actually interested in the sport instead of guys like me who just want the oly-style lifting benefits, but he also includes various squats and even bench pressing, so it does look like a good, solid all around program for what I want.
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