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Brandon Enos
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Ill try the protein shake this week and see how it goes. This will actually be pretty good since my schedule doesnt change until June 2nd, so I can use this week to test times and what not.

Yeah, you may be right for SS two times a day. It is a solid program and I did make some good gains on it. My only problem is the heavy amount of squating isnt really ideal for a high amount of running, which I noticed trying to do 3 days SS and 3 days running, but with only 2 days, might not be as bad. Also, what do recomend for mor pulling exercises? I kinda felt like a lot of my back was being ignored with my only pulling exercises being deads and power cleans. This may just be bc I dont have very high body intuincy (sp?) yet, but I dont know. Dont really want any imbalances between my pushing and pulling muscles.

As far as running, not bad. Started slower than I had expected, but it has been picking up well. I have a written test Saturday with an oppurtunity for a practice physical afterwards so Ill have a better idea then then with 2 weeks to make any necessary changes, hopefully I wont have to make any....
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