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Brandon Enos
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I know the more you alter something, the less it is Starting Strength, but I think I may have thought of a way to add a 3rd day at low stress...

Tue -
Back Squat
Bench Press

Thur -
Front Squat
Standing Press
Power Clean

Sat -
Overhead Squat
Pushups (weighted or lots of unweighted, not sure yet)
Power Snatch

Every day, weight lessens but muscles at work stay relatively the same. Get a good mix of oly and powerlifting, with pushups for the academy (need to keep bench in since thats tested in the academy as well). And like I said, everyday weight lessens so hopefully wont negatively affect my running, while still giving me a good workout.

I know its no longer SS at this point, but how does that look as a general program?
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