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Originally Posted by Jay L Swan View Post
So my dirty little secret (and I'm letting it out on my third post) is that I'm sort of an endurance athlete.
Please leave.

Ok....just kidding of course. Wow....I get tired driving 50miles. That's great that you have learned to bring in the strength component so many neglect. While endurance running for me is more 5-10ks....I hear you on the "running in the mountains", that is just a different experience all in itself....even if my runs are quite a bit shorter. (my knees can't handle anything more after 30+ years of hockey destruction) But that's why I got the mountain bike! 8hr adventure races a couple times a year is about as endurance as I get. I am sure if I ever lived in the mountains I would probably do more on the weekends.

Although you may not find a ton of endurance people on here, you will find people who will give you sound advice on training. They know their *#^& around here as the kids like to say.
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