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James Evans
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I'm with you on the anti-endurance theme. I get it and I don't.

I have no desire to pound the streets in pursuit of a marathon dream but 15 miles of trails on foot or 30 miles on a mountain bike pushes my buttons.

I know sprints sort you out but I disliked them when I played rugby and I dislike them now. I enjoy my weights, I enjoy my running, I enjoy my cycling. Perhaps I don't get the best results because of the methods I combine but I do get the fun that I need to escape work, commuting on a cattle truck like train, all the other **** in life.

I think runners need to be more open to ideas outside running and those outside running shouldn't be so judgemental of something they are not that fond of themselves.

Also I feel many people who come to CrossFit should assess their goals because you do hear a lot complain about the lack of running or the fact that their distance times decrease. Do they want a superb system for GPP or do they want to continue with something they really enjoy? I don't see why the Black Box need be exclusive to strength development. Or take in some of the methods used by Eugene Allen ( or even, heaven forbid those rebel scum over at Gym Jones.

Out of interest, on a 50 mile trail, are you running constantly or running/marching as you would do in a multi-day event like the Marathon de Sables?

Having set myself up as some kind of rugby guru and made Shaf think about dusting off his boots I've now blown my cover.
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