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Originally Posted by Jay L Swan View Post
I am simultaneously sympathetic to and mystified by the anti-endurance meme. If I lived in the city I would never run--excruciatingly boring. But living in the mountains, I can't see how anybody doesn't want to run the trails.
For me I put it this way, I don't think it is a pure "anti-endurance" theme....although powerlifters will powerlift and runners will run. Most sports are a cross between explosiveness and aerobic capacity. That's not the issue.....for me it's the general press and media giving the impression that doing ONLY endurance related activities is the holy grail of health and fitness. When I believe that fact is utterly wrong and possibly the complete opposite as that attitude alone is doing more harm than good for the general public.

"Lower intensity aerobic training is relatively useless for optimal fat loss purposes. Furthermore, for some populations, it's likely to be detrimental."
— Alwyn Cosgrove

I enjoy lifting weights, sprints and a good long mountain bike ride....basically a balance of everything. I don't believe there will ever just be one right way for anything, life is more complex and smarter than we think we are.
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