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Adam Gagliardi
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Default new guy--form help

Hello--- new here, new to oly also...anyway, my name is Adam, and i am very interested in all of your opinions on my oly form or lack of oly form. i come from more of a PL/ strongman background.

I am currently in a Fire Academy, about 1/2 way done, and decided to learn the oly lifts while i am in somewhat of a detrained state, meaning i have bootcamp-like PT (BW stuff)every AM and have had for the past 2months, but have started to train on my own again a few days a week(starting to regain some of the lost strength, but taking it very slow as to not injure myself or wear myself out for pt ).

my main focus will be strongman, but i feel the oly lifts will benefit my training greatly. anywho...i do work with a coach, but only get to see him maybe once or twice a month. i am always interested to see what others have to say.

without wasting any more of you time:

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