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1. Short interval running is basically like a CF metcon or heavy lifting for what it does to the body. Basically, it burns out your CNS and muscles as much as the aforementioned would.

If we take this into account, you were doing like 5-6 "CF workouts" per week.. which is okay but not that great if you're not conditioned to handle that type of load. Burnout can be easy since sprinting is fairly high intensity as you know.

2. I assume you want to improve your 3 mile time. This is going to take specific work + maybe an interval day.

3. You need to get your priorities straight. Unless you have the best genetics in the world (which I assume you don't), you probably won't be able to handle CF + martial arts + mountain climbing + specific work for 3 mile run. You just can't. You have to decide what you want to do (more like pick 2 of them... 3 will be extremely hard).

If you can't recover from CF + interval/LSD I don't see how you're going to even add something on top of that -- if CF down to like 1-2 days a week, interval once, run 3 mi 1-2 times (fast.. LSD isn't going to work to bring up speed) PLUS something on top of that. Uh, maybe if it was only once or twice a week at most. Then you'd still have to be taking your naps, getting 9+ hours of sleep, have your diet optimalized and probably take a bunch of supplements like fish oil, BCAAs, etc. and even then... heh


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