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Default Gary who?!:-)

boy that was strange! i usually go to the weightlifting forum, and happened to click into the exercises portion. i'm reading the original post, thinking of replying, then scroll down to see my quote as reply!

well anyway here i am, ask away. yes its a common mistake to focus on "pulling it higher" when in fact there is relatively no power once the bar gets past about waist height. so, a vital part of a weightlifters trainigng should be in practicing that part, and the timing of putting all you have into pushing the bar from the ground to standing heigh with arms straight, then flying down. as i said, i dont even teach the power clean or snatch, and its amazing how perfectly my lifters can do a power version if they want to, after elarning only sqaut versions. hang sqaut cleans, hang sqaut snatches for triples, and heavy singles, are great for this. i cant get on youtube here at work, but im sure if you google it you can find a clip of me doing 151 i beleive, and theres also an old 145, clean from the hang as illustration. (did triple with 140 yesterday)
:-) -g
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