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Yesterday - Practiced stone throwing with 16 pound stone in the open space at the end of our street. I warmed up with some overhead throws, then some standing throws, and finished with some glides. I have a lot of work to do before I'll be doing more than fighting over last place.

Today 05:20 @Home


Power Clean 45*10, 120*8, 120*6, 120*4

Standing Press 45*10, 80*8, 80*6, 80*4

Front Squat 45*10, 95*8, 95*6, 95*4

Lying External Rotation - Left 11*30, Right 11*30

Half Quad Extension - Left 100*30, Right 100*30

NB. All weights in pounds. My left shoulder continues to improve, but my right knee is still questionable. Are front squats harder on the knees than back squats?
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