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Originally Posted by Dan Heaney View Post
OK Mike I have a similar question but with weight training. I am going to start IF again but my training need to be @ 8-10AM and I really don't want to break the fast until 5-6 PM. I really don't want to eat during the day. Am I going to have to bit the bullet and eat from 10-11 til 5?
Here's your options....again you can play around and alternate to see what works best or gets you more results....but they all can work:

- Eat 10-5pm on workout days only
- Take BCAAs pre/post workout
- Do Warrior Diet style and eat very light during the day if you want your biggest meal to be at night (fruits/veg/etc)

Milage may vary....but you can play around to your heart's can even throw in some fruit pwo depending on how carb sensitive you are....when in doubt start with small portions and see how that effects weight loss/muscle gaining.
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