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Originally Posted by Troy Archie View Post
That's sets X reps right?

So when do we see a WOD by you?

Also, are the order of the exercises set in stone? Probably not. I see it's Oly before strength, which makes sense for technique.
Yes, sets x reps. I'm still traumatized from Greg's notation.

I'm doing something for somebody that might be filmed (I sound like Alston with his secret training). Other than that I doubt I'll ever make it to video.

The order of exercises is vital. You want speed, technique, and accuracy. You also want full use of your hips.

Explosive lifts >>> slow lifts >>> metcon

*In rare cases, I'll do metcon first. For instance, if Fran comes up, I'll do that first before doing ME front squats. It just works for me.

I prefer to have gymnastics movements at the beginning, but I have forgotten them too many times (and done them at the end) to suggest it's mandatory.
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