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Default Teaching the power clean

I'm training someone this summer for rugby in the fall, and we're doing SS as prescribed to get her started. Squat is solid, save for some shoulder tightness, bench is super, press is fine, deadlift is good if I haller at her to stand all the way up, but the power clean...not so hot. First pull is fine, jump is fine if I yell at her to jump, but the back half is sloppy, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as a coach. I cannot get a decent rack out of the girl. If I get her elbows up, it tweaks her wrist-so I try to get her to let her fingers off, but then she's convinced/spooked/whatever that the bar is being flung at her collarbone, and then she digs in her heels. The whole lack of explosiveness radiates from not having a safe, comfy place to put the bar in the rack. So. Anyone have similar experiences? Magic words that got it to work? More stretching? Front squats alone or after a clean? Manning up and yelling more? Take the Burgie route and swap it out for the snatch? Yell some more?

How do you convince people that moving fast with weights is okay? I just got past the "what does this work?" stage, and are mostly through with the "I can't feel this (cleans) anywhere stage, so it's useless" stage, so progress has been made, but the Fear of the Flying Bar still looms.
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