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[QUOTE=Steve Ericson;30880][QUOTE=Pat McElhone;30817]
Now if you are going for mass, you need that post workout shake to increase insulin release, activating channels, carrying in aminos acids...blah, blah, blah. But you body will do that anyway, the difference, it will use your own fat as the source of fuel...and you probably have enough amino acids floating around.

Do you need that post workout shake if your going for mass gain? Since spikiing insulin decreases HGH levels does expediting and maximizing the amino acid strorage in your muscle pwo outweigh decreasing your HGH levels at the time when increased HGH levels are extreamly beneficial? Don't know the anser to this one, just throwing it out there (I have been struggling with this question for a while).
I was a big believer in the whole Post Workout shake, after alot of research into keto diets,paleo diets, and zone I started to wonder how beneficial it is(especially to a meso or endomorph) Once I started crossfitting I eliminated the post workout shake and eliminated sports drinks from my BJJ training(2 hrs+ in hot climate) and my body composition is better than ever, lean and muscular. I was 5'10 240 at 25-30%bf 1.5 years ago today down to 205@10% and getting leaner daily. If you think about it, most proponents of post workout shakes either sell them or sell weight loss plans,supps, etc. I agree with earlier poster that whole food is supperior, we have just been tricked into believing that new and improved whatever powder is supperior for whatever reason that companys marketing dept has told us...
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