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Originally Posted by Tom Rawls View Post
back to the bike--how often do you ride? how long?

I'm wondering how much the riding figures into into your fitness. The WOD-centric crowd doesn't have much time for longer duration activities--lots of frightening talk of catabolic horrors.
Not as often as I'd like. It's not as much a part of my fitness routine as it is my happiness routine. I like to be in the woods and part of nature, but I'm usually limited to less than a half hour a week on the concrete. But it's a lifestyle thing; I walk to a lot of places, I squat down more than normal people, I climb playground equipment and swim with my kids. I just try to move around (only doing the WOD is not part of a functional, active lifestyle).

Regardless, it was part of my routine before, during, and after my current program, so it shouldn't affect data.

Steven's right re: catabolic horrors. Ask Dean Karnazes or Joe Decker about their catabolic activities.

PS The 3/1 WOD-centric crowd is already on the catabolic path.
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