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I just wanted to ask about using kb's and bands, or about using bands in general... One of the CF trainers (I think Eva) told me that using bands actually slows you down, and I read an article that says it can decrease your power output because the load is at the top of the motion. I know this isn't always the case with bands (e.g. it's the exact opposite for pullups) but was wondering if there's a rule of thumb on when to use bands and when not to.

There are a whole ton of exercises with bands in Ross Enamait's Never Gymless book. A lot of them are punches and such, and my theory was that practicing with bands and then not using bands would increase your speed and make you more explosive, but I guess in practice the opposite is true because you get used to going slow...kind of like people who are pretty slow grapplers (with or without a gi) because they've primarily trained gi.

Thoughts? When would you use bands and when wouldn't you? Or is it just something you do for a little while to get used to the motions and then drop?
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