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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Not as often as I'd like. It's not as much a part of my fitness routine as it is my happiness routine. I like to be in the woods and part of nature, but I'm usually limited to less than a half hour a week on the concrete. But it's a lifestyle thing; I walk to a lot of places, I squat down more than normal people, I climb playground equipment and swim with my kids. I just try to move around (only doing the WOD is not part of a functional, active lifestyle).

Regardless, it was part of my routine before, during, and after my current program, so it shouldn't affect data.

Steven's right re: catabolic horrors. Ask Dean Karnazes or Joe Decker about their catabolic activities.

PS The 3/1 WOD-centric crowd is already on the catabolic path.


Absolutely spot on. I was just thinking this earlier to today as I watched some guy, who probably has an expensive corporate gym membership, ride the escalator at the tube station.

Get out and walk. Take the stairs. Ditch the car. Mow the lawn. Play with your kids. Get some air. Hell, even if you smoke, at least walk to the shop to buy the smokes.

Don't just obsess about Fran coming around every 6 weeks.
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