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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
PS The 3/1 WOD-centric crowd is already on the catabolic path.
That pretty sums up my experience after following (attempting to follow) that protocol for the past year and a half. It led to many plateaus, a stagnant CF Total, and few PRs. Not to mention recovery issues and little or no motivation to exert myself in sport (jiu-jitsu). It was pretty hard physically and (honestly) emotionally.

This is what I like about your thoughts Mr. Grimes and ESPECIALLY the recent ME Blackbox article in Performance Menu Issue 41 - June 2008.

Your postings and Coach Rutherford's work have helped to move me towards a more balanced training approach (IMO) and ulitmately a more balanced lifestyle.

Many thanks to you both and to Greg Everett for his efforts at PM.


David Stout
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