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Originally Posted by Troy Archie View Post
Do you mean squat low butt-wise with a high-bar position or squat with a low-bar position?

From what I've seen in your journal you walked into this program after:
1) Obtaining a great strength base
2) Obtained a solid conditioning and lactic-threshold base via CF, in which you lost strength
3) Played around and arrived to where you're at now.

So my question is; can you obtain that solid conditioning and lactic-threshold level that you already obtained via CF and held onto through this program? You're conditioning and WOD times have gone up so I assume it's safe to say yes but again you had a base. What about the lower/unconditioned?
Whatever blows your hair back. Rip and Greg each wrote a treatise on this in the last month. Pick the one that suits your needs. Please note that the ease of tea-bagging is directly proportional to bar position.

1. I'd say a good strength base.
2. Yes.
3. Pretty much.

Time will tell. The early returns indicate that yes, shorter, less frequent metcons, combined with and complementary to a program of gym/OLY/pwr can give you (me, at least) a nice conditioning/lactic-threshold.

In six months, we'll have a better idea of how much metcon is enough.
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