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Originally Posted by David Stout View Post
That pretty sums up my experience after following (attempting to follow) that protocol for the past year and a half. It led to many plateaus, a stagnant CF Total, and few PRs. Not to mention recovery issues and little or no motivation to exert myself in sport (jiu-jitsu). It was pretty hard physically and (honestly) emotionally.

This is what I like about your thoughts Mr. Grimes and ESPECIALLY the recent ME Blackbox article in Performance Menu Issue 41 - June 2008.

Your postings and Coach Rutherford's work have helped to move me towards a more balanced training approach (IMO) and ulitmately a more balanced lifestyle.

Many thanks to you both and to Greg Everett for his efforts at PM.


David Stout
Thanks, David. There are many teachers here and much to be thankful for. I have borrowed heavily from several people in designing this. Building on SS and CF, Coach Rut's original MEBB article is what first set me down this path, followed by the CA WOD. And it's nice to have Rip around to bounce ideas off of (he's been very supportive of this and not surprised by the results).

The final push was reading the goals of the people on the PM forums. When I started reading MOD's and Dr. G's stuff, I realized that personal happiness was as much (for me, more) a part of personal fitness than beating other people, lifting more weight, and smashing old PRs. Once I focused on the former, I accomplished the latter.

Be happy.
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