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Well here I am sitting at 150lbs now. I reached my goal sooner than expected mainly from eating tons of food and exercising little. My new goals are more general fitness related now as im mixing MEBB into CF and im looking for some recreational activities to get involved with. I think im just more interested in general health and longevity and being active.

As a note, i've been on medications from my doctor for a condition I won't list and the doctor noted that it has caused some side affects i.e. weight gain. I actually gained 17 pounds in a month from the meds. So I stopped taking them and now I have to go into for blood sugar analysis to check for Diabetes. Hopefully it comes out clear because diabetes would really hamper my long term goal of reenlisting into the Marine Corps Reserves...

Anyways, back to logging my workouts.

modified todays WOD


ME work:

Press: 75 x 5 x 3
Deadlift: 145 x 5 x 3

WOD: 5 rnds of 40kg Squat Cleans 5 reps and 8 ring dips

MY goal for the ME is to slowly rebuild my strength up while building a very solid conditioning base.

Looking for some recreational activities to get involved with to such as Kayaking or Mountain biking... something that gets me outdoors.
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